Honest Abe Log Home Packages

Legacy Series Stop for a moment and think: when's the last time you remember being "in love" with your home? For those who own an Honest Abe, that's a question that gets answered every single day. Because each one of our Legacy Series home packages and kits is built and customized to the exact desires and pleasures of its owners. Maybe it's an exposed heavy timber roof, or the lure of a modern, spacious living room that calls you. Or maybe it's your dream of the cozy, crackling warmth of a hand-built fireplace. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: there's nothing that quite compares to the experience of living in a quality assured, time-tested Honest Abe log home.

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Big Sky Series

Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own log home nestled in the woods or mountains, or maybe by the lake? You might have pictured the large rustic lodges seen in the Northwest, nestled against a backdrop of snowcapped mountain ranges with crystal clear lakes, aspen groves, and Ponderosa Pines.

Welcome to the Big Sky Series. Finding the right log style to fit your rustic setting has just gotten easier with Honest Abe's Big Sky Log Series. Using custom 10" round logs, Honest Abe can style any Legacy model to fit your picturesque setting. Any Legacy model package can be cut using 10" round timbers for log walls, ceiling beams, and rafter or roof purlins.

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Genuine Select Series

The Genuine Select Series of home kits can be tailored to individual preferences. Developed with affordability in mind, this series substitutes options that are typically more expensive, with those more cost effective. Whether you want a two-bedroom home, a second floor or more square footage, this series has something for everyone at easy-to-afford prices.

Developed with all the quality you expect from Honest Abe, but with economy being the main focus, the Genuine Select Series is just what you're looking for. This series of home packages provides a lot of value without the cost of all the heavy timber beams. However, this line of homes can be easily converted to include all our heavy timber options if you desire.

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Timber Framed Homes

It's time. Time to bring to life the desire of your heart. Time to express your artistry. Time to cross the threshold of change.... Cross the threshold of your Honest Abe Timber Frame home. Blending the grace of antiquity with the flexibility of today... the allure of nostalgia with leading edge design, you'll feel a sense of permanence that's both striking and inviting. Creating moods of comfort... capturing views of nature... your home will become a timeless heirloom.

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